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Who We Are

Ladies in Tech is the initiative of Innovation Team Liberia, is a non-for profit social enterprise that applies technology in solving critical problems in today’s changing society especially in Liberia.,
Ladies-in-Tech (LIT) was created out of the need to close the entry gap for ladies ages 18+ above, seeking a platform to help accelerate their growth and interest in picking a career path in Information Technology. LIT exists as a response to the need to build and empower the next generation of Ladies in Technology.

“if we educate a woman, we educate a nation” – this is the driving force for us in pursuing the agenda of developing programs that will greatly position the ladies to pick up careers in technology

Ladies in Tech strives to become a change maker; to provide the support and training that will help these ladies move from tech zeroes to tech heroes. We also hope to connect ladies to actual Liberian female tech makers in the industry who can help them understand and see firsthand the possibilities of growth and success in their are of interest.


To persistently create new solutions via technologies that advance social change.


To build a community of innovators where society benefits the most from social development

A Few Words About

Our Team

We are the leading voice for pushing the growth and participation of technology by Ladies in Liberia. We are in full support of ladies inclusion and development. We have a small body of great minds helping steer the affairs of events within this community.

Roberts Bolay Jr

Co - Founder - Director

Christian Emenike

Co-Founder - Innovator

Hartina Cleon

Lead, WTM Monrovia

Tehma Kollie

Lead, LIT

Viola H. Cheeseman

Asst. Lead - LIT

Florence A. Gibson

Asst. Lead-LIT

Gabriel Dixon


Mr. Jarl A. Lansanah

Business Partner

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What We Do

We utilize a system we developed called the E.D.G.E Framework


We design technical program that matches directly with job ready requirement in the market.


Every member of Ladies in Tech is provided equal opportunity to grow their skill sets


We want each of our member to rapidly grow and be prepared for the real world.


We are hoping to providing resources, internship, job opportunities, grants etc.

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